What's Our Story?

Our Story


Our very

First beer

On one hand it is crazy to dream of a brewery - creating cutting edge beers in the heart of the desert, but on the other hand we are in good company as far as the experience of having revelations in the wilderness are concerned.

Founded in 2013, we never thought we would be so fortunate as to have labeled over 15 different beers, to have been awarded three medals in an international competition, and to have a fan base that loves our beers.

Beertzinut Serious Brewing is located on the grounds of Kibbutz Ketura which is populated with many dreamers: dreamers of peace, of a better world, and dreamers of a vibrant community. It isn’t enough just to dream, there has to be action too and Beertzinut Serious Brewing is building the tastes of the future for those dreams. We would like to think there is just enough dream in each sip to make you welcome in our community too.

A very serious 'cheers to you.'

Neil Churgin