What's Our Story?


On one hand it is crazy to dream of a brewery - creating cutting edge beers in the heart of the desert, but on the other hand we are in good company as far as the experience of having revelations in the wilderness are concerned.

בירה בהתאמה אישית

Your Custom Beer

Looking for a special beer for your business or for your next project launch? Want to have a festive beer for your wedding or a special birthday like 50th?

סדנאות - מותאמות אישית עבורך

Workshops - Customized for You

Want to know more about brewing beer? We have workshops covering different and delicious subjects. We will take you on a "virtual" tour

בירות רציניות במיוחד

Very Serious Beers

Our selection of unique flavors. Serious Brewing on Kibbutz Ketura crafts internationally acclaimed prize winning desert beers.

משלוח עד הבית

Home delivery

Home delivery or curbside service.

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מכירות חיסול 396 OUTLETS
סדנאות 72 Workshops
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